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Hello, I am Lawrence Ott, the owner and developer of Bits & PC’s.  I have been in business in Los Angeles for the last 26 years.  I serve small and medium sized businesses and home networks. I sell, install and maintain PC and MAC computer systems. I cover up to 100 miles from my office

in Culver City and have the ability to do remote work. 

My key to success has been that I was a business person before I was a computer person, so I understand the need to keep my clients up and running in today’s computer driven world. I am an active participant in both BNI Breakfast club in Beverly Hills and NAPOLA in Los Angles.

Six years ago, I joined forces with Stephen Connors an IT consultant that has over 26 years of experience and, like me, had a business background also. He brings Apple and Security knowledge in addition to a strong PC background. And, like me really cares about meeting the clients needs.

If you can’t print, if you can’t get on the internet, if your computer is slowed down so you can’t get your work done, call me and I will respond promptly and get you fixed.  

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